After Not Hearing From Him…

Matt is back in jail and the truth is, he probably missed his probation meeting with his parole officer. So soon, I will get the call, “You are receiving a call from an inmate at the…” He’ll go on to tell me how, it was all a misunderstanding and it was my fault because, well I don’t know why but he’ll tell me. 
It could be worse, he could be laying on the coroner’s table or in some dry wash with his skull bashed open. He is too ill to take any responsibility for his actions. The last time he was arrested for stealing a bag of potato chips, they found money in his pockets. Thankfully he doesn’t live in Saudi Arabia…

It sounds terrible but sometime people like him need to be confined and live under a short leash. My other sons have given up on him and they hate me for helping him… Today marks my umpteenth day I’ve worked and people ask me what I do with all the money I make… The answer is, I put money on the books of a prisoner. If I’m lucky, I’ll die in my sleep tonight… This too will pass

6 thoughts on “After Not Hearing From Him…

  1. Well, you know it could be worse, I’m thinking of tons of examples, but they all are so depressing.
    The deal is. Bad shit happens in life for no good reason. Some people escape it, (they think), while others are compelled to face it whilst still sentient.
    These sentient suffers are the people it seems to me who are being challenged, by nature itself. (You could supplant nature with any religion’s God).
    The interesting thing is that you and I suffer, create, and live now.
    The people who deny other’s suffering now, suffer more at the end of their lives. They end up shocked and alone, like all of us, when it finally dawns on them, they are dying and suffering, and it is not something they are prepared for.
    You and I are prepared.

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