Does Anyone Know This Man?

They executed this brother awhile back. What was his crime? Spreading his beliefs to the masses. The powers that were in charge, had a good thing going and they didn’t want anyone rocking their boat. 

I bet if he was around today doing the same thing, most of our God fearing citizens would have told him, “We don’t want your kind around here. This is a country based on Christian-Judeo Laws.” The way things are going in this country lately, he would have some things to say about how we treat our less fortunate brothers and sisters.i happened upon this picture. This man looks like a young Barry Gibb. I can just imagine him singing How Deep is Your Love. The truth is, I doubt most of our so called Christians wouldn’t even know Jesus if they came across him. Does anyone really think Christ had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was dark skinned… This too will pass

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