Would You Trust This Vermin?

Yuck… The Orange One has barely been in office one hundred and ten days and I’m already sick to my stomach. It’s not only his rash executive orders that make me want to throw up, it’s his underlings who are totally flawed men and women. 

They trotted out Ms. Smiles again to tell us how The Orange One really never liked Mr. Comey even when presented with video showing him touting Mr. Comey’s  courage. Mr. Spicer was supposedly at a naval reserve meeting today so he wasn’t available for the White House press meeting, they trooped out Mike Huckabee’s daughter. What a lovely bunch vermin. 

Only a moron would believe anything anyone of them would say. Tell me you’re sick of this rogue gallery of scum. It will only get worse because the guy in charge has no morals. Psychopaths have none, it’s part of their illness. This too will pass

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