Anyone Want To Trade Lives?

At the clip I’m going, I’ll reach the taxable limits on SDI and some other tax in a couple of months. I haven’t been suspended so far but I haven’t inquired about it. I’m going to let sleeping dogs something something… I actually can’t wait to head back east to see Hunter and Company. 

I will try to work another twelve days straight and then take off on the 26th of May. Matt has found himself back in The Can. You see that’s what happens when you forget to see your parole officer as required. He called me this morning spouting some nonsense about how his mother and I only care about his brothers. I reminded him that his mom and I flew down there a couple of times and tried to set him up. 

He asked me what I was doing lately and I told him working. He asked me how Toonce was doing. I replied, “He passed away in late January.” I should have just said, “Fine.” Matt’s mom told me not to tell him so he would become agitated. He became agitated and started to bang the payphone handset on the wall. Next I heard, “Inmate! Hand up the phone now!” I guess he refused because the next thing I hear is wrestling and then the phone disconnected. This too will pass

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