I Cried Because I Had No Shoes…

Right when I starting thinking I had been dealt a bad life, I met the Mrs. Palma. I was greeted at door by a tired woman, I knew the second I saw her that she worked 20 hour days everyday. She led me to her 20 dollar grimy Radio Shack phone on the kitchen counter. Quickly, I determined the static was caused by the thin mounting cord but since it was hard wired into the phone, she would have to go and find another twenty dollar phone. 

From the other room, I heard a few loud grunts. She immediately responded by saying, “I will be with you in a moment.” The grunts got louder. She said, “I have another phone. Can you plug it in a see if it works? Please follow me.” We walked into the room where the grunts were coming from. “This is my son.” She kindly said. Her son looked as if he had never been out of that bed only by seeing his pencil thin legs.

He began to grunt something that only she could make out. He was thirsty and wanted water. She walked over to his table and placed a straw in his mouth. It didn’t look as if he got a gulp, most spilled on his pajamas. The boy’s neck looked as if he had been hung but cut down after the drop. Mrs. Palma then reached into a cardboard box and found another junker phone. “Please. Can you see if this works. I can’t go to Walmart until my relief comes on Tuesday.” Of course, that phone too was bad. I gave her the bad news. 

Mrs. Palma then said, “That’s ok. I have my cell.” The boy then grunted something. She said, “He wanted to thank you for coming out.” I smiled at him and told her I’d find my way out. As I walked out I tried to think of the closest Radio Shack but with most closed, I couldn’t. This too will pass

10 thoughts on “I Cried Because I Had No Shoes…

  1. That you care says a lot about you as a person. That you wanted to help says even more. I feel the same way. With all my problems I have never felt sorry for myself, and often tell people I have a good life. I have met people who do not have the support systems I have. While I may have problems I have an income and insurance and other systems that make my quality of life so much better than those without the support I have. I think we all need these reminders and thank you for sharing this. Hugs

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  2. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    I think this is important. We all have problems. Some among us have much deeper problems than others. Some have great support systems and incomes that help with the problems. Some have to suffer and do the best they can on their own. It is not right, it shouldn’t be. Poor people are the worst affected by this. I know about this because even though I have a bunch of diseases and syndromes that can cause both horrible pain but a decreased quality of life. However I have a great support system that makes my life good despite the problems my body has. I have a grand husband who has cared for me tirelessly for years with no complaint. I have insurance to cover most of my needs, I have an income from disability, I am a veteran who can get support from the VA. I have met people without all those things. I admire them, but they should have to deal with their situation without them. Always I feel but for the luck of the draw it could be me in their place. Please care and help where you can. Hugs

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  3. I was at a meeting this week where the topic was ‘There but for the grace of…’. There are a lot of people who think my life must be terrible, but I am mostly happy. I wish my body worked better, but I have everything I need and a support system that works. It’s all good unless I choose to see it otherwise. And I have shoes! 😉

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