You Need A Break…

At exactly 1:30pm, I realized I had had enough and needed a few hours off. The last job was on a narrow one way street in the Oakland Hills. After my recent accident, I knew not to try to thread the needle with my truck but up ahead, an old green van was sticking out on the curve. I saw who I thought to be the owner of the van. He was going about cleaning up his overgrown front yard. 

I called out to the pencil thin man, “Is that your green van?” His reply concerned me, “Ya why? Ya why! It’s mine!” I asked him if he could re-park it without the tail sticking out into the street. Instead, he jumped into the street and started to direct me. I didn’t ask him to and he was actually no help at all. He kept waving his hands wildly. I narrowly got thru and I yelled out,”That’s it for me today.”

It took me a few looks at my phone calendar to figure out when was the last day I had off, by the way, it was April 7th. If I can make it to May 25th, I’ll be on track to either have a pretty successful first five months or a severe stroke. Chris wants me to build that chain link fence gate when I head back to Clifton and they need a mower, a bedroom dresser and Hunter needs a new bed. I can only do what I can. This too will pass

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