He’s Unhinged…

I may be totally wrong but I think the deep throat leaker in The White House is Mike Pence.  When you think about it, who would be the most to gain should The Orange One be forced to resign or be impeached? I don’t like Pence but he’s at least somewhat stable. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support anything he does yet he isn’t an embarrassment. 

The Buffoon tweeted, he had the absolute right to tell the Russians classified information. I wonder how many people will be rounded up and shot for The Orange One’s actions? Wasn’t he the guy who bragged how he gets good intel? Psychopaths have a problem controlling their urges. Does anyone believe he did it to give the Russians valuable information.

Let’s see what’s next in Rtump’s descent into madness. Will he secretly disclose to Turkey’s Leader Erdogan the list of Kurdish spies in his cabinet or will he boast to Philippines President Duterte, “I think this man is cleaning up his country and I wish we could do that here.” Duterte has killed 4000 suspected drug dealers without trials. Rtump is a sick charismatic individual who will bring us all down unless he’s controlled. This too will pass

9 thoughts on “He’s Unhinged…

  1. I think a worse fear is that other governments will restrict Intel sharing with the USA. Russia is not a friend to the countries we have Intel sharing agreements with. This information they got from tRump will allow them to pinpoint the country that shared it with us, which from what I can tell is not something they wanted known they had done. Also the other countries worry what other information tRump might share with Russia that Russia will then take to their allies who are not friends to our allies. The problem is that when they stop sharing with us, when the sources of information dry up we will be hit with another big terrorist attack. Many will die because of tRump’s ego and uncontrolled mouth. Hugs

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