Mental Illness Is Miserable…

Sitting here at a Peet’s having a well deserved morning hot chocolate, there she was. I had seen her before, this time she was ranting how her father had sexually abused her as a child. The street people just watched her quietly as she spun out of control. I mean who could blame her? You’re supposed to trust your dad not trust he’s going to abuse you. I can’t stand child molesters and they should be lined up and shot by a near sighted firing squad.

There’s a video on YouTube where two convicted rapist are executed by a Salvadoran firing squad. I won’t give you a link but it’s not hard to find. It looks as if the taller guy on the left was maybe the lead criminal for they miss their mark from that short distance. Maybe death is too easy for those who do that sort of thing. 

What kind of father does that to his daughter? No father! Now this woman spends her days screaming out her total unhappiness. I’m sure she self medicates and one can only imagine what kind of woman she could have been if dad hadn’t done what he did. Wonderful, the Berkeley Police just showed up and are putting on the purple latex gloves on. This too will pass

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