Sue Miller…

Of all the customers I’ve had in the last 37 years, she was the worse. I can see how she lives alone and how she has few of any friends. I knocked on her door to no answer. I should have got the heck out of there but foolishly I sat in my truck listening to NPR. I look in the rear view mirror and see an lady yelling, “Don’t you dare go!” A few minutes later she’s telling me how corrupt we as a company are. 

She had gone to Costco and ordered service from a third party dealer. Of course they didn’t know that her condo association did not allow a dish on her condo. When the dish installer showed up and told her that a dish wasn’t allowed, all the built up anger in her life exploded at him, I received collateral damage. I tried to explain to her that with fiber, she could stream or use our TV product. 

The dish installer was one of those guys paid by the job and was little to no help. All he wanted was her telling the representative on the phone that she was cancelling the job. That only enraged the irate woman just that much more. Finally I got a hold of a service representative who was willing to work with me. An hour later we got her on another plan and I finished splicing the fiber and placing the power unit in an out of way location. 

It got a bit tense when she started getting agitated over the small power wire I was placing. She backed off when I said, “Without this wire, I’m done here.” “Okay Okay, I just hate wires and I need to take my meds.” She said. I replied, “Be good to yourself and relax.” She replied, “I do. I lost three husbands and a lot of friends because I get upset.” I finished that job at 5:36 and will sit in my truck till it’s quitting time. This too will pass

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