It Is What It Is Until It Ain’t Anymore…

The last day I had off was April 7th. Today was the first 8 hour day I’ve had since I believe sometime back in October. Physically, I can’t work the 20 hour days like Rob does but I can do countless days in a row. On July 1st, the heavy hitters will show off their checks and see who is the gross wages leader. Rob’s been off for 4 days due to he’s probably got what I had a few weeks ago. He also has a family and he needs to spend time with them. I, on the other hand, have a rat that keeps me company. Well, the rat does his thing and I do mine.

This morning I got into the car and for some reason I opened the glove compartment and found a bunch of shredded up fabric in the ball. I guess the rat decided to move from the engine compartment of the RV to the car. Who knows how long he he’s been building his home and how many trips he’s made back and forth to Oakland. I guess he’s a well travelled rat. As I’ve said before my goal is to work everyday till the day I fly back to Clifton and if he want’s to go for the ride then so be it.

Hunter still hasn’t talked as of now yet Elena keeps texting me he knows more words as in he knows words such as stop, play and bath. Looking at the big picture, I know of no one who doesn’t speak. Maybe he might take a vow of silence? Hopefully at one point, He starts talking and knows who his grandfather is. The time I showed up back there and he clapped his little hands upon seeing me filled my heart with happiness. Back to my strenuous work regime, it doesn’t bother me.

When I get tired I think of Hunter and Chris running around in the backyard and it gives me the energy to carry on. Yes, I live in a small RV but as they say, “I live simply so that others may simply live.” I’ve had the massive houses with a two car garages but I had little if any happiness there. I’m actually doing fine at The Firewood Temple even if there’s a pesky rat trying to take over. This too will pass

3 thoughts on “It Is What It Is Until It Ain’t Anymore…

  1. My oldest son didn’t talk, even occasional words, until he was three when he started talking in full sentences. I have two other sons who followed a more normal course, but you can’t tell any difference now that they are grown – they are all smart and articulate. The oldest son is a writer. Don’t stress, they all develop in their own way.

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  2. It is not the size of the space you live in that I find important but how you use the space of the size you live in. I have lived in large homes, three story homes, small homes, and an RV. I was happiest in the RV I think. The reason was everything was so well designed. Every possible idea had been used for a reason to make life comfortable. It might be a window placement to a cupboard. We have a double wide mobile home now, it is many times larger than our RV, yet doesn’t seem as useable. I never use the living room. I never used the dining room when we had it, I like it better now that we took out the wall and joined it with the kitchen. My office is really great and has everything I want. The master bedroom has a master bath and shower so I don’t even use the second bathroom. We gave the entire front room to james as his room. So yes we could go to a much smaller place and be OK. People have a weird idea that more space and larger size means more happiness. I disagree with that. Hugs

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