It’s Unraveling… 

The Great American Experiment of hiring a businessman to run the country will be over soon and thankfully this Petri dish we call “our country” will not have been destroyed in the process. The spore we called The President was starting to become non-stoppable and quite frankly, out of control. He and his other one cell life forms were bent on taking over the culture and way of life.

Even some on The Right have had enough of this failed experiment. They are starting to see that The Orange One has loose lips and you know what happens to ships. I can just imagine how he told FBI Director James Comey to lay off General Flynn’s investigation. General Flynn was technically a spy working for the Russians or at least getting paid by them… If this had been the 1950’s, General Flynn would have had a cell next to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg at Sing Sing awaiting his sentence. 

Yet we still have those who still support Rtump who after all the recent trouble still think he’s a good guy. Folks, the man is not Presidential, he’s a total moron. The fact is, he would sell us out for a smile and a few good words spoken of him. I’m sure the Russians were laughing all the way back home after meeting with Our Fool. This too will pass

3 thoughts on “It’s Unraveling… 

  1. The tRump will sell out anyone, person or country, to make sure his bank account is full and overflowing, but more importantly for him, that his ego is stroked. But like a donkey, his ego doesn’t know how to contain itself, and will kick anyone who interfers with him. Surely his last days have begun and the GOPers in Congress will be able to stir up within themselves an ounce of integrity to impeach him. It would be too much to hope for that he also be tried for treason.

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  2. I am on the right and I agree with some of this, but only some of it. I felt this way about our last President as well and if I ever spoke ill of him in mixed company, it was hate speech. I think we need to do our best to be unified. We need to be Americans first and Republicans and Democrats, (or in my case, Libertarians,) second.
    I am really enjoying following your blog. 🙂

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