42 Days Beat My Record…

It was exactly 42 days ago that I had a day off. Last night, Rob and I worked a cable failure till 2am; he then dropped me off at the bottom of the hill forty-five minutes later. This morning I slept until 7:30, it’s not that I decided to sleep in and I would have slept longer but a cawing crow woke me up. Where’s Tooncie when you need him? He kept the crows high in the trees…

The Communications Workers of America have called a strike against The Word’s Largest Telecommunications Company and it’s about time. We should have gone on strike during the height of the storm when they were begging us to work but we didn’t. Toonce died in the dead of the rainy season and just yesterday I moved his old cat box to the pile to be sent to the dump. I miss that cat…

Unless they call the strike off, the next time I work will be Monday. I’m just laying here exhausted. I’m so damn tired. Mr. Toonce and I would have taken competing naps but he would always win for duration… This too will pass

4 thoughts on “42 Days Beat My Record…

  1. Enjoy your rest, you deserve it. I hate to bring up memories but in this case it may be a happy one. I have never read how you and your best friend Mr. Toonce met. How did you become such fast friends and best buddies? I would love the story of his life as you remember him. Be well. I wish you the best. Hugs

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    • Toonce and Pip were adopted by my daughter’s mom when she was working in an apartment for some drug addict who wanted them gone. She kept them in her company truck till the end of the day. Those were the best times to work for ATT. Now its hell…

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