Firewood Yoga…

After months and months of rain and incessant overtime, today was the first day I did my morning yoga practice. It felt so refreshing to assume the poses: downward saw, upward log lift. I did a good four hours until I knew I had reached my limit. Once the logs were turned into rounds, then de-brushing was practiced. 

Trees have their own living and dying. This cluster of fallen trees had their own story of what caused their demise. The once mighty oak tree suddenly snapped at its base after five years of drought. It toppled over and brought down three other victims. What’s that saying? The bigger they are the harder they fall… 

As soon as Rob gets the front end loader going, I’ll do more Firewood Yoga of gathering the rounds and splitting them. The splitter needs a little work done to it before that can happen. A five inch L of metal broke off the piston guide and it needs to be welded on before the machine can do its job. It’s 3:05pm and I’m totally spent…. This too will pass

One thought on “Firewood Yoga…

  1. Your avocation is as a writer, Juan. You have a command of the words you write, the feelings spoken by those words, and the descriptions are poetic! Thanks.

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