Crossing Paths

This afternoon I attempted to do a little firewood yoga in the heat of the mid-day. I got thru cutting 15 rounds before I was drenched in sweat. At that point I said, “Enough.” It was right then that a deer and her daughter came walking up a path cut thru the dense forest by other deer. They stopped and watched me as I watched them, neither of us made any fast moves. 

The mother deer then motioned to her child that it was time to move on down the path. I put the bar shield on the chainsaw and covered the oil and gas with an orange mini-tarp. Behind me, I noticed the same deer had swung around me and were keeping an eye on my actions. I called out to them, “How did you two get over there?” They didn’t respond. “Well have a good mother daughter day.” I said… 

For the rest of the afternoon I lay hearing NPR’s Saturday program line up. Some shows interested me, others didn’t. It was nice resting today and I really didn’t realize how tired I was. Earlier this morning I cut the remaining rounds where the trees fell during one of the past storms. Now I rest until the day cools. This too will pass

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