The Nap To End All Naps…

After a day of cutting firewood and helping Rob finally get the septic system ready for inspection, I laid down and closed my eyes. Four hours later, I poked my head out of the window to see a couple of deer grazing near the RV, they didn’t seem to care that I was checking them out. Reaching for the phone, I said, “If Toonce had been here with me, he would awoken me with a handful of sharp claws on my back.” That’s how he showed his love, oh that and spraying….

The Sonoma Valley baked today and yet at The Firewood Temple a cool breeze kept things just right. My God it was gorgeous here today. I’m not saying it in a bragging way but man oh man the morning was crisp and clear followed by a warm afternoon. I paid my car loan payment and the teller guy said, “We are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place!” I agreed with him.

As lunchtime approached, I called out to Rob, “You want a Picazo burger? Don’t say no.” He replied, “Yeah why not? That sounds good.” I jumped in the car and headed down the hill. Up above the temperature read 84 but below it was 90. My little cafe that’s empty in the morning was packed with wine tourists. Everyone in shorts, wearing sun hats and white sunscreen. Sal said, “Hello my friend. The usual?” The usual being two cherry turnovers. “No. Two burgers to go.” I replied. 

“Summer is coming and this is what makes up for the bleak months.” He said in his heavy accent. A few minutes passed and he said, “Ok my friend. You are ready to go. See you soon I hope. It’s a lovely day to live here!” I replied with a nod and a smile. This too will pass

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