Time On My Hands…

The winter’s mud is now just a memory and work has again begiun on The Firewood Temple. Daylight will show its face soon so I can head back into the forest to resume what I was doing yesterday. During the summer months, I tend work until it gets uncomfortablely hot then I take refuge in the air-conditioned RV and nap. Later in the day, I find a place to work where the shade blocks the sun’s intensity. 

Three days off in a row is actually wonderful. I did things, I neglected to do while I was working. The RV needed to be registered by the 1st of May and because I waited, the fees went up. Oh well, that’s the price you pay for the delay. We live in a society where time and deadlines matter. Often I think back to when there were no time rules and dream of a simpler time…

The only thing that really counts is this very exact moment. Sure you can mess up quite a few of your future moments by not paying your taxes on time or robbing a bank but generally it is this exact moment that means everything. I’ve noticed that if you plan ahead, it rarely turns out as you thought it would. My departed friend, Tooncie, never planned his day and he did just fine. Of course, one needs to leave for work at a certain time but other than that, I let the moment just happen. This too will pass

One thought on “Time On My Hands…

  1. I find I am much better if I plan and have a general idea of my day. It works much better for me. Things like the registration, I put into the pad / phone calendar and then can figure a time to do them online. Same with bills and income. If I try to wing it, I forget or end up making rather unpleasant mistakes. Be well, don’t work too hard and hurt yourself. Hugs

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