Boycott The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company…

CWA workers are on strike against Randell Stephenson and his board of directors. They have given the order not to bargain in good faith. The three days off have been actually quite nice. I have rested, cut firewood and actually been able to resume my life. We all say we should have struck when they wanted us to work 14 hours a day in January and February but we didn’t because we actually care about our customers.

It’s common knowledge makes 49,000 dollars an hour yet he wants to push more of our health costs on to us. He’s always claiming how he cares about his team of employees but he and his buddies outsource his job to India and other Third World countries. This past winter I never worked so hard and repaired a lot of lines that were brought down by the harsh winter rains. I’m tired and spent. This too will pass

One thought on “Boycott The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company…

  1. I’m glad we have Unions to buck the shit these corporate CEOs want to dish out to and withhold from their employees. Corporations are not “people”. The dumb dick heads at the top evidence less than humaneness. Would their mothers be proud of them? They probably were bullies when they were growing up or “jocks” who needed then and still need to prove their “worth”. We have one of them sitting in the WH, but hopefully not for long.

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