I Am A Lineman For Something Something…

I know I’ve posted this one before but they say Glen Campbell is near the end of this life. Imagine him no longer being able to play his beloved guitar because his brain can no longer handle it. Anyway, The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company is rushing to place fiber throughout The Bay Area and the rest of California. Soon fiber will take the place of all the copper in the air and ground. Squirrels will no longer have our wire to chew on and who thought a single fiber strand could take the place of a 900 pair copper cable.

Tomorrow I go back to installing FTTP (fiber to the premise) and removing the old wires that served for decades. Verizon is way ahead of us. The last time I was in New Jersey, I noticed their are only fiber drops feeding houses and apartment building. The old copper cables have been cut out along with all the old terminals. I suppose that’s our fate here on the west coast. The other day I was helping a guy place a new fiber drop across a busy street and embossed on the old wire was it’s manufactured date, three years before I was born and yet it was still functioning. The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company will always need linemen, just less of them and there will never be any overload. This too will pass

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