If I Was A Fly On The Wall…

Who thought up the above saying? First of all, no one wants to be a fly and I know of no fly that understands conversations. If you thought you weren’t popular or liked in high school, imagine being a fly. No one likes flies, even horses and cows don’t like flies. 

The other day, I opened the wrong waste valve on the RV. When I realized what I had done, I quickly shut it off. I ran to where the waste hose emptied out and found hundreds flies hovering around the discharge area. Where had they come from in such a short time? Quickly, I shoveled leafs over the area, and the flies seemed to leave. Some might have been buried in the avalanche of leafs but for the most part they took off. I know what a thing to write about! 

It’s a multimillion dollar business to get rid of these pests. The last time I went to Home Depot I walked down the pest aisle and noticed at least twenty products to combat, trap or kill them. When it’s all said and done, three animals have few if any supporters: the flea, the mosquito and the common fly. No, I don’t ever want to be a fly, not now not ever… This too will pass

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