Soon To Be On The Road Again….

I’m officially taking an OPSL (Oakland Paid Sick Leave) day off on Friday. The flight doesn’t leave till 9pm but I’ll need to rest before I start my journey back to New Jersey. I get into JFK at 6am hopefully. I jump on the airport’s sky tram that let’s me off at Jamaica Bay. Three hundred steps later, I take an LIRR train from Babylon, Long Island heading west or south. That’ll take me under the East River into Penn Station in New York City. If I’m lucky, I catch a westbound New Jersey Transit Train that somehow gets me to Clifton. Oh, then I call Enterprise Car Rental and they come and pick me up or so the plan goes.

All of the above transfers and trains save 500 dollars in car rental fees and taxes. If I got the car at JFK, I would be looking at an stiff airport recovery fee and a frequent traveler tax. How they know I’m a frequent traveler is beyond me. The car should come to 400 a week rather than 890 a week… This time I’m not renting a Nissan Armada like I did the last time. Talk about it being a low mileage vehicle, I idled while waiting for Chris to come out of a store and I saw the gas needle plunge to the left.

On the way back, I might just take Uber. At least, Chris is taking vacation time off while I’m there. He and I have some projects that need to get done. A gate separating the front yard from the back will prevent jack rabbit Hunter from running into the street and the basement has a few ground leaks that need to be stopped. Good old hydro-cement will solve that problem in an instant. It will be fun, I can’t wait! This too will pass

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