Thoughts on ISIS…

The recent killing of people at Ms. Grande’s concert venue tells me one thing, ISIS fighters and their spokesmen are morons. You would think, killing a dozen young people attending a concert would be a lousy public relations stunt. No one likes the brutality ISIS is known for and this certainly won’t help their image.  

The British police just arrested a 23 year old man in connection with the bombing. With that one act, that man just made his remaining days on this planet a living hell. Camera footage will be scrutinized over the coming days and God have mercy on the security guard who let that backpack get thru the checkpoint.

Another thing, if this had happened here in these United States of America, Marshall Law would be imposed.  I’m sure The Orange One will make a stern comment about radical Islam and of how we need to keep our borders secure. I do know another thing, the killing of those teenagers was totally senseless and nothing will have been solved by that act… ISIS isn’t known for bake sales nor fundraisers to support their cause, they’re known for death. If fear is all they wanted to instill, then they did their job… This too will pass

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on ISIS…

  1. I agree Juan. One thing, the bomb went off in the area before the screening. I am following two blogs that are trying to address how to stop these acts from any religious or superiority groups. What is their real goal and why to they think these tactics can work? Be well. Hugs
    the links are :

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