Noise, The Homeless and Drugs…

Has Oakland California come to this? A land of homeless encampments and poverty. Most of these makeshift shelters have been built by those souls already on the fringe. Matt, prior to being incarcerated, probably lived in San Diego’s industrial area like this. These people are night crawlers. I’m not trying to call people names but when the sun went down, their community awoke. 

The woman directly across from us was obviously a meth addict. Who else would be bouncing around in the pitch darkness..? She had made a pretty good business for herself, repairing bicycles and doing tricks. Up until 3:00am she would scream out to her fellow campers, “Hey Jimmy Dog. Billy! You come over here. You want some of this?”

The three of us finished resplicing the 900 pair cable early in the morning. All the while the copper stealing perpetrators watched us work. You could tell they knew who did the deed but the street code of ethics rises above all. I’m going to say this again, Oakland is one big homeless encampment and the police just look the other way. The noise you ask? That track makes up BART’s only means of getting to and from San Francisco. All night trains in both directions would screech their existence with a mind numbing noise. That alone was terrible… This too will pass

4 thoughts on “Noise, The Homeless and Drugs…

  1. It is a big complicated mind numbing subject Juan. I am glad you care, far too many just turn away forgetting they even seen it. As you say some is mental illness and drug addiction. Many sick people try to self medicate with mind altering substances. FOr others it is simply the only place they can live. I read yesterday about a young veteran in Maine. For almost a year he has been living in a tent not wanting to cause problems for anyone. He was working and hurt himself. He couldn’t work and so lost his job. Couldn’t get another. Social services in Maine were cut, so he lost all support and assistance. He moved into a tent and eats small stuff he finds and can get. HE doesn’t want to live this way and hopes to find a way out. He was working on getting back into the workforce, but losing government assistance meant he lost housing. With no home and no phone, no address he couldn’t even apply for jobs or benefits. Here I get political. The solution is not to take assistance away, or to think the churches will step up and replace the government’s help. Not everyone can be helped or will accept help, but for those others it must be there for them. Hugs


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