Hunter Will Have A Hard Life…

As Hunter gets older, Chris and Elena have noticed he has autism of some form. I showed up this morning and Hunter didn’t have a clue who I was. That doesn’t make him have autism but he still hasn’t said a word, not a mama or dada. This morning as I was mowing the lawn Chris said, “With Elena pregnant and Hunter a special needs kid, I have no time to mow anything.” I replied, “I know but don’t listen to your mom when she says, ‘He just needs Jesus.” 

I added, “If she had gotten help for Matthew when he was a minor, just maybe Matt wouldn’t have had a total break from reality and wouldn’t in a County jail cell, as we speak. Jesus would have said get to a doctor and I’ll do what I can for him spiritually. Jesus wasn’t an egotistical moron.” We both chuckled.

Unfortunately from now on, he’ll be that special kid that takes the little yellow bus and goes into thatspecial class when everyone else is taking Spanish, French or German. Who knows what will trigger the scream-fest or rigid body motions. He’s not at the point where he can’t sit quietly for a moment but he take five minute naps randomly and he literally wearing out his exhausted parents. I could end this post saying how maybe he’ll be sevant of sorts but that’s just wishful thinking. Now the second one is on its way around late December… This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Hunter Will Have A Hard Life…

  1. There is a wide spectrum of autism among children as well as adults, Juan. From mild to severe. It would be best to have Hunter tested by an expert in autism (not by some general practice MD), of course. Maybe he is just a late bloomer.

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  2. I agree with RedHawk. Also please don’t lose heart. There is no reason Hunter has to have a life any less happy or fulfilling than any others. Have him examined and then join one of the local support groups. They will be able to direct you guys to helpful resources. Hugs

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