It’s Stated…

Chris and I were at this Home Depot in Passaic and these guys started to tell me to move on with my cart. I had never contacted them before or so I thought. These roughens were talking loud and saying how I had stolen their cart. I turned and said, “Are you guys having a problem?” They turned and said, “Your psycho son stole our cart!” I replied, “Yeah I’m sorry he just got out of San Quentin in California for attempted murder while robbing a check cashing store. Here he comes. I’m sorry for you guys. Ten years changes a man inside.” 

These two guys were pretty big and could easily taken both of us. I then said, “Let me see if he’ll apologize to you though he doesn’t do it much. Wait!” They moved fast and disappeared into the busy shopping cart crowd. Chris came up to me and said, “You having problems with those guys? I scared the sh*t out of them! I don’t care. I told them, ‘You’re not talking like that around my son.” I showed them my teeth and picked up a piece of rebar, they ran.” Accidentally he had taken their empty cart, when confronted he does what he always does, act crazy. I told them you got out of San Quentin.” We went to Friendlys and had a root beer float. This too will pass

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