A Wasted Day…

Today was a day of self imposed rest, sickness and trying to understand that Hunter is special. Number of screaming jags today, many. Hunter has no sleep pattern formed nor can you say, “Nap time Hunter.” He can’t sit quietly with you because he just can’t remain quiet for a moment. You call to him from behind, “Hunter! Hunter!” He doesn’t know his name and still Elena tries to tell us that he does. He doesn’t…

Little Hunter is a very picky eater to say the least. All they can feed him is mac and cheese. I’m not about to say anything because they are emotionally, physically and spiritually holding on by their teeth. Today, I dragged myself to take them to this massive mall in Passaic. It’s the one that still closes on Sundays due to the county’s blue laws. I dropped them off and said, “If you want me to go with you three, then be prepared for a big scene when the paramedics have to work on me. I sat in the car and waited…

At some point, Chris finally got it thru his brain that I wasn’t faking. Maybe when I began to cough and nearly threw up was his clue. Yes, they walked around that spending cavern for a couple of hours while I rested and wondered if I could magically head back west… It was a lousy day. This too will pass

13 thoughts on “A Wasted Day…

  1. Well, you’ll get rest when you’re in the hospital. And you probably will be if you keep doing what you’re doing. You know better. Hunter needs a doctor to get him started. Jenny McCarthy has a book out that was helpful to someone in that situation. Her child was diagnosed and the things she did made a difference. Don’t wait.

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  2. I notice from your writing you recently had a bad bout of cold or flu. Add on this illness and I think I can safely say you are very worn down and mentally depressed. You worked your body to a near breaking point. Plus now you are dealing with your emotions about Hunter and seeing the stress it is putting on your son and his wife. You are overloaded to say the least. You do need to rest, you need to get some Juan time, you need to get some peace of mind also. One thing I noticed in your writings of Hunter and the pictures you post, he seems a happy boy for the most part. That is one good joy. Best wishes friend. Hugs

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  3. Juan, the human and I totally know how overwhelming it can be with a baby. The littlest Creature (the baby) is 4 months old and can’t tell us what’s wrong and some days she goes from being bright eyed and cooing to screaming (for no apparent reason) unconsolably for anywhere from an hour to 3 hours (on and off).

    It’s exhausting and frightening and it doesn’t happen often, but when it does everyone’s nerves are shattered and Mom leaves work to rush home to her.

    It’s not a whiney cry (like because she’s not getting something she wants), it’s like someone is ripping her stomach out or something (and she spits up a lot too during these times). The human does everything she can to calm her and when this is happening, it just doesn’t work.

    However, after several doctor appointments, they keep saying she’s fine .

    This is happening less and less now, but it still shatters the nerves when it does.

    Please REST and take care of yourself for a few days! Know that you have a lot of compassion and support (and so do Hunter’s parents).

    He will get through this time safely and so will the rest of you. Find a quiet place and TAKE time for YOURSELF to be refreshed and renewed. Purraying fur you! 😺 💚

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