Childcare Rip Offs…

This lovely daycare was called “You’re Something’s Second Home Daycare” (I don’t want to get sued) I show up at 10am to find a broken down sliding gate keeping unattended children from running into the street. Wait, the unleashed filthy pit bull kept watch over them. A woman in an expensive model showed up and called to me, “You here to put my internet line in? I’ll put the dog in it’s cage. I don’t need you suing me.”

I was escorted past the yard full of children, dog feces and stray cats to the front door. The elderly lady said, “I want it here. If you need me I’ll be upstairs. My daughter runs the daycare.” I began to get the fiber to the house while the unattended children surrounded me. Once in a while the headmistress daughter would yell out, “De De, where you at? Mala, get your shoes on. Broken glass is where you is playing.” I wondered why no one bothered to clean it up…

As I sat in a broken down lawn chair waiting for the ONT to activate, I noticed a open power conduit with exposed wires below the power panel. Next to that was that cat urine stained cat tree. After a few minutes, I found the broken glass the daycare woman was warning the kids about. After doing what I needed to do, I went looking for the customer, when I found her, she was watching her television programs while other young children were standing precariously on a table… This too will pass

It Doesn’t Make Sense or Does It?

The Orange One now says President Obama should have done something about the Russians hacking our 2016 presidential election. Can you imagine what The Buffoon would have done had President Obama had done something to Vladimir Putin. Wasn’t it The Orange Stalin who kept telling his supporters that the whole election was rigged..?

Sean Spicer and his staff want to limit the media’s access to The White House. Now daily media briefings are held off camera. We all know, if The Orange Buffoon doesn’t like what he hears, he then calls it fake news. Has anyone noticed that Trump only grants interviews to his favorite news network? The Orange One thinks Fox News is fair and balanced because they agree with him. 

Still, the simple minded sheeple think he’s doing a great job. Let’s see what he’s done so far; signed a bunch of executive orders, round up foreigners and told us not to believe the media. If things work out, someone will being kicking a stool out from under his or throwing a trap door lever in the near future. Okay, that won’t happen but maybe he’ll just go away and the word tweet will be removed from the Webster Dictionary along with the word Twitter. This too will pass

I’m Ready To Lose It…

Almost everyday, Matt calls with greetings of, “How ya doing dad?” Well the real reason he calls is he wants or needs money, a twenty here and there. What do you tell your son who’s living on the streets of San Diego? No? This afternoon it came out, Matt’s been smoke crank or crack… Does it even matter which one, really?

After being told I don’t help him as much as I help Chris, Josh or Tashi, I lost it on him. I said, “Did I ever tell you to smoke dope? Did I say to you that it would be a good idea?” His reply said it all, “I only started smoking dope when I became homeless down here!” I replied, “You started smoking dope when you were living with mom.” This is what sealed it for me, “I only smoked marijuana when I was with her.” 

There it was, now he’s onto other dope, not just marijuana. His mother and I foolishly believed that story how he didn’t know he had a pipe in his pocket. I knew a while back that story of how somebody placed it on him was a bunch of, well you know.  I closed the conversation by saying, “Until you get in a program, I’m not giving you another penny. You tell me these stories and I was believing them. I’m done.” This too will pass

Fiber Fiber Fiber…

I know I’ve been lax on posting but it is what it is until it ain’t anymore. Today, I brought two fiber loops to two neighboring houses in the woody Oakland Hills. One guy was a software engineer who needed a billion bits of information a second, the other guy wanted to cut his monthly bill down and had no clue of what fiber even was. In fact he said, “You mean to tell me, my phone works on that hair?”

By the end of the day, I was physically spent. The fiber drops come in various pre-cut reel lengths. I knew I would need a 500 foot reel to get from the utility pole to the house. Everything was going just fine until I dropped the reel on the ground and it tangled up like a broken slinky toy. There I was, trying to untangle a coiled five hundred foot slinky.  After 45 minutes of doing that, I estimated the remaining needed length and cut the rest away. I was twenty feet short.

Thankfully there was a clearance pole where I could place a fiber splice enclosure in the air. That little mess up added an hour onto the job. Just as I was finishing that job, a woman called out to me, “Sir! I have a fiber install today. Are you the one to do it?” I called my supervisor and he added the ticket on to my job list. It turned out the work order was to be due today so I wasn’t forced to finish it. At the end of the day, I was beyond tired… This too will pass

The Sales Call…

Her name was Tai and she had just gotten off her day job at an Apple Store. Our destination was her apartment where she would do a quick change act and then head to her evening job as a bar bouncer in Oakland. We chatted as we made our way east to her residence.  

As we approached her destination, she asked if I would wait outside her apartment building while she changed attire and then she would change the destination to her evening employment location. I agreed. Ten minutes later she got back in and we continued on our way to Oaktown. 

We were about a third of the way there when her phone rang. From the sound of it, it was her boyfriend who also worked at the Apple Store. They laughed how they made one impatient woman wait excessively while later they rushed thru one of their friends. I sat quietly as I heard the secrets of the trade and how employees subtlety up sell people to their more expensive items.

 Tai remained on the phone the rest of the way till we got to the bar. I motioned, “Is this the place?” She nodded, “Yes!” I waved goodbye and she closed the door. I said to myself, “She’s a real salesperson, she got you. Remind me to avoid Apple Stores.” This too will pass

85 Centigrade…

I finally got tired of Staryucks and Peet’s so this is my new hangout when I’m sent to Berkeley. There’s never any parking near the University of Berkeley Campus, so I never come here in my personal car. Berkeley is a liberal city but so are the metermaids who handout tickets galore. I believe this place is an Asian owned bakery chain where the young low paid workers are required to yell out, ‘Fresh Bread’ whenever hot loafs are brought out to the display racks. 

The clientele are mostly young Asian girls and boys. Let me say, anyone under 30 is a boy or girl. If you can get a table you can watch the kids working on homework. No, you won’t get your standard banana nut loaf as at Peet’s; what you will get is a pork bun with shaved crispy pork skin and yes they do have iced coffee but made with coconut milk. Yuck… Back to work. This too will pass 

They Poured Themselves In…

After Uber’ing till 11:30 last night, I slept in before heading to my real job. Okay, I’m addicted to Uber so  that being said, I turned on the app as I made my way to Oakland. I was near Petaluma when my phone went off, it was Sid at 957 Maria Drive in Petaluma wanting a ride. Within ten minutes there I was with a smile on my face. I waited a couple of minutes before I called the Sid. It went something like this, “Good morning, this is Juan your Uber driver.” The response was, “Oh. Who is this again? Oh yeah, We’ll be down in two minutes.” 

A nerdy guy and his jet black Nubian girlfriend got it the car. She had been bathing in rum for she smelt like cheap perfume and alcohol. He smelled like a man not having showered in days and tequila. I asked where they were going even though I knew their destination. She slurred, “Home!” The woman kept trying to tune my radio to her favorite radio station, while her partner could barely keep his eyes open. She kept saying, “102.1 102.1. I need more music.” I obliged and turned it up loud so she could enjoy it and shut the blank up.

For the next 18 minutes I heard songs like, “It’s hot in here so take your clothes off and I want to slap your something and make love with you.” Mind you this was at 7 in the morning and there wasn’t a car to be found on The 101. Finally, after that mind numbing and I won’t call it music, we pulled up in front of their apartment. They thanked me for the ride and gave me two Sonoma Raceway tickets valued at 105 a piece. They were going to sleep the rest of the day but were sure to tell me they were going to another person’s party tonight. 

Is there a moral to this story, I could think of many. Two young adults already caught in a downward spiral and they just don’t know it. I swear, after hearing song after song of singers telling us to , “drink and party and be happy” I really wonder if the entertainment business is sponsored by the alcohol industry. This too will pass

A Moron…

This woman is the latest pick of The Orange Buffoon, I wonder if Mike Pence owned her something? She will now work at The Department of Human and Health Services as population affairs assistant secretary. I didn’t even know there was a department doing that but there she’ll be, making sure poor women don’t get birth control products because Jesus said it was wrong…

You know what Jesus said about contraceptive products, wait he didn’t say anything because it was only 2000 years after his death that they came to be. Don’t you find it interesting that the same evangelical troop so worried about abortion are the same morons who think it’s just fine to see people executed. 

Anyway, what do you want to bet that if Jesus did come back, he’d lose it on his followers. I think he’d rip up their most holy book and say, “I didn’t say this! These aren’t my words! Who said I said this!?” This too will pass

Uber’ing On A Friday Night…

Today I’m paying the price for Uber’ing till 2:30am last night, the lack of sleep headache and run down feeling will go away once I take a short nap in my trick. It sure was a wild ride last night ending with a rider asking to go from San Francisco to Walnut Creek. The intoxicated man hadn’t kept track of the time at the bar and he had missed the last BART train by 45 minutes.

My night consisted of party goers piling into the car and telling me how they are happy to be living here. I guess “there” is nowhere as fun as here and I guess part of having fun is being sick to one’s stomach. I had a few of them, nothing serious.

 Then there was Lina, a young graduate student from UC Berkeley who was trying to get home from a research project she was working on late into the night. She was about to miss her 12:30am curfew imposed by mom and dad, so I hit the gas and got her there with minutes to spare. Sure enough mom was standing at the front gate as we drove up. I turned to Lina and said, “They love you dearly!” She replied, “They do!” This too will pass

I Had Walking Pneumonia Sans The Boogie Woogie Flu…

Finally after weeks and weeks of not feeling well, I feel a lot better after another round of antibiotics and an inhaler. For a while I thought I had something serious, the chest x-ray ¬†showed congestion but other than that nothing. I’ve tried not doing things that would shorten my existence in this mortal coil other than donuts and cheeseburgers. I’m actually glad I was off for tomorrow, I head back to the real salt mines. I hear they once again shut down the overtime so I’ll drive for Uber when I can.

I must admit it, I’ve been lax on checking out other people’s blogs but I have an excuse, I’ve been sick, busy and things that had started long ago have finally come to a conclusion and quite frankly, things turned out just fine. Like I’ve said before, “You don’t what get what you want, you get what you need.” I think it was either Buddha or Mick Jagger who came up with that. They also say, “If you don’t have your health you have nothing.” If that’s not the truth because until yesterday I had nothing. Prior to heading to Clifton, I worked 42 days straight and wore myself down physically and I paid the price.¬†This too will pass