It’s Time To Go Home…

I’m supposed to be on a super early flight out of JFK on Sunday. Why I made it early, well I don’t actually remember why… Wait, it was the cheapest flight. When I had all that money from the sale of the house, I didn’t care what it cost, now I do. It’s all about living in the moment and in this moment, I’m right back to where I was on June 1st 2014 prior to selling that house but it was fun while it lasted.

In the past few days, I haven’t written much on my blog because quite frankly I’ve been sick. Today is Thursday and I’m finally feeling somewhat better. Last Wednesday thru Friday I had a fever and then a disgusting mouth infection and finally hopefully it ends with this weird cough. I’ve never been this sick this often in my life over the past three months. 

Like anything, it will soon fade away into a memory if that. No one remembers a cold or bout with the flu years later. These past days themselves will dissolve into the nothingness we call space… It’s all about the moment. It’s 5:24am here in Clifton New Jersey and if all goes to plan we will be driving to the Jersey shore to take Hunter to the beach for the first time. Trust me he won’t remember this day years from now… This too will pass 

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