Covfefe? He’s Lost His Mind…

You know something’s wrong when that Buffoon in The White House tweets a bizarre word and then refuses to tell people what it means. The next day, Sean Spicer refused to tell the press what it meant and almost seemed annoyed by them asking. Something is wrong. This Moron has been in office less than 150 days and it’s been one thing after another. Scandals and madness seem to be what is normal coming from there. 

I wasn’t a fan of George Bush Jr. but he at least acted like he was our president, this moron has done nothing but alienate anyone who did not vote for him. I still say, his downfall will happen and when it comes, we’ll it won’t be pretty. Of course, it won’t be his fault. He’ll blame it on the usual band disloyal officers and the people around him…

The Germans have come out and said we as a nation can not be trusted to do anything and people around the globe have made us their butt of their jokes… I’m no Pence fan but he has got to be better than this clown and really, that!/ what he is… Wasn’t it he who said, “Imagine me president!?” This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Covfefe? He’s Lost His Mind…

  1. Yup, he’s a dangerous idiot- the worst kind. We couldn’t believe it here in Australia when Trump got in… commiserations. And now he’s pulled out of the Paris climate agreement… šŸ˜–šŸ˜šŸ˜³

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  2. Right now the republicans in congress are protecting tRump not out of loyalty but out of fear. The fear the retribution of his followers. Pence is a christian wack job, and will have all the fundamentalists vote, but he won’t have the fanatic followers tRump has. That will make him more vulnerable and easier to control. He won’t be able to get away with the crap tRump does. He won’t have a hold over congress like tRump does. So yes we need Rumper out and pensive in. Sadly. Hugs

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