4:21am JFK

How would you rate your Uber driver? They ask question that shortly after you get out of their car. Yes, he did show up as scheduled and then the fun‭ began. I know everything about his life and of how he moonlights doing this job. He wasn’t very good at following directions his phone was giving him.  Repeatedly, I needed to tell him, “It looks like you need to get in the left lane.”

We said our goodbyes and then I dashed to the baggage counter to find a line stretching back and forth in a maze. Delta at JFK doesn’t open until 4am and here it was 3:45. At one point a stern black woman came out and told the crowd, “If you don’t have a boarding pass then you need to step out of line.” Those words cleared out the line except for those who didn’t speak English. I made my way to the Sky Priority area and was greeted by, “We’re not open yet. How did you get here?” After a few minutes I had a earlier flight home boarding pass in my hand.

I just want to head home and I can’t wait. Just 10 days ago I couldn’t wait to head here. Again if I wasn’t sick, I might feel different. So here I sit, in an empty Terminal Four waiting for the Delta Sky Lounge to open up. I’m on standby for the 7am flight and if that doesn’t work out, I’ll be on the 8:05… “California here I come, right back where I started from. Open your Golden Gate…” This too will pass

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