It’s 1:47am…

Should I have just picked up the car at the airport? Yeah but in my mind I saved a lot by not doing so. The truth is, by the time I paid for three Uber rides here and there, I saved around three hundred dollars. This trip here was hard and if I hadn’t been so sick, I might have enjoyed my time here more. Little Hunter having a tantrum every five minutes would grate on anyone’s patience and nerves even if they weren’t sick.

Hopefully in two hours, a car will be picking me up and taking me to terminal four at JFK. I tried to change seats to an window seat but the plane is completely filled. I always check my bag in but without fail, there’s always the guy who has three small roller bags who feels he’s too inconvenienced to check his bags in, so he backs up the line of people while he jams his bags in the overhead bin. 

The flight is supposed to land at 12:05pm in San Francisco. Foolishly I parked the car at the long term parking structure and will pay the price for doing so. I just didn’t want to get on a BART train, head to Oakland and then walk thru five blocks of ghetto to get my car at the company garage. I’m going to head north over the Golden Gate Bridge, pull up to the RV and rest in silence. I’m totally tired and I want peace and quiet. This too will pass

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