Day One Of My Suspension…

I’ve decided to make the best of my time off. After having worked so many hours these past 7 months, I’ve neglected things that are important to my survival. The day I left for my trip back east, my hot water heater ceased to fire up. The propane supply indicator still shows a quarter tank full but that’s obviously off. 

To move this behemoth, I need to batten down the hatches and store things so they don’t get tossed around on the journey. The last time I moved the RV was in late October when Rob said, “This might be the last time you can get out.” He wasn’t kidding, five feet of rain over the next months isolated me and nearly drove me insane.

The black water tank will need to be emptied too; it’s not as bad as it sounds, and as a teenager, I remember seeing women in India cleaning out the loos and putting the contents in baskets and then carrying it on their heads… I have latex gloves and protective things, I am such a wimp.

What a perfect time not to have to work. I’m going to drive for Uber and make a little extra. It will help me pay for small things such as the Clifton sewer tax bill I just received in the mail. If I had known that Clifton is the land of taxes, I might have moved on but it is what it is until it isn’t anymore. This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Day One Of My Suspension…

  1. I hope you are all over your illness. Where do you drive to empty the black water tank? Around here you can do it at any state rest area or for a fee you can do it at any campground. They use to have to let you do it for free but I don’t know if that is still that law. I only used parks with electronic, water, waste hook ups. I had both greywater and blackwater tanks. I kept my freshwater tank full and used a filter system on the incoming line and the pump line. I dumped my black and grey tanks about every 4 to 5 days. The reason I did this was the grey would fill up quicker because of showers and kitchen water. I left only the fresh water full for transport also. THe RV was large and more stable with the extra weight, and my truck was a GMC dually with a 2 3/4 ton rating. I could tow 24K and I had a bed weight of 5,400 pounds. So the weight of the water helped in towing. Plus when we need a pit stop we had water. OH sorry, enough about my past fun, I loved living in the RV and I really enjoyed driving the truck. Strange the difference of respect given between my big truck and Ron’s small PT Cruiser was amazing. People respected the truck. I would love to hear more about your RV, things you deal with in living in it. stay well. Hugs


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