That’s Not Terrorism!

A White Supremacist decided he had had enough of Muslim people in Portland, so he started harassing two women minding their business on a subway train. Three men come to their defense and this moron proceeded to stab the three men. Two of the good Samaritans died of their wounds and when finally captured and brought infront of the judge he spoke of how America must be pure.

This morning, a disgruntled ex-employee of an awning company in Florida decided he wanted revenge for perceived wrongs done to him, he walked into his former place of employment and shot five of his coworkers to death. The newscaster made sure to tell his audience that the above act was not an act of terrorism. 

I don’t know about you but the above mentioned crimes sound like the definition of terror to me. No, neither of the two men screamed out “God is Great or Allah Akbar khan” yet they killed just as many people as in the latest attack in London by Islamic terrorists. Seeing people murdered in cold blood is very terrifying but I’m weak in the knees I guess. What is your definition of terror? This too will pass

4 thoughts on “That’s Not Terrorism!

  1. It seems to me that we live in a country, like all the others, where terror has become a common occurence. However, those who commit the terror share the blame with those who incite terror, such as the GOPers who rant against immigrants, the orangutan in the WH whose custom is daily terror out of his little fascist mouth. And, those who remain silence in the face of terror, complicitly condoning it with their silence. The red Trail of Tears, the slaughter of aboriginal peoples for the sake of oil and land, the enslavement of boys and girls in the still alive slave trade, and every Western country that has ‘conquered’ other lands and left havoc and devastation in their path. The corporations do not get off either by their suppression of others through their greed for wealth. No Zuckerbug has gotten to where he is, no Carnegie or Mellon, no Vanderbilt, no Timberlake, no one who has climb that filthy ladder of greed is left without blame for they wouldn’t have their millions without stomping on others to get there.

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  2. The fact is you are far more likely to be a victim of a person claiming the christian faith in the USA than a person of the muslim faith. By a large margin. I am sure you have seen the white supremacist and seen their stuff. They are violent and use violence to promote thier way. They are just as forceful about their faith in gods. As a gay man I am more likely to be harmed by a fundamentalist christian than a muslim. be well. It is about bed time for me. Hugs

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