Tomorrow Belongs To Them? Hopefully Not!

Things are turning bad in this country lately for chants of, “Seig Heil” are having to be drown out by louder chants of, “Love Trumps Hate!” They held a pro-Rtump rally yesterday in Portland. A reporter in the crowd asked random people, “Do you think Trump is like Hitler?” Many people responded, “If Rtump is Hitler then I’m joining Rtrump!” I suppose few of those people who responded like that remembered how it all ended in May of 1945…

We all know how it ended for A.H, a self inflicted shot to the head prevented Joseph Stalin from dragging him to Moscow in a cage to be put on trial. The Russians were still quite mad about losing 20,000,000 of their people and their property. A few of the loyal diehards also took their lives with a cyanide capsule and a bullet with shouts of Seig Heil! Then there were the hundreds of men and women found guilty of various degrees of war crimes. Most stood silent as they were prepared to die. I believe only Herman Frick called out Seig Heil as the trap was released…

Let’s forget about those sad souls. The people who really suffered were the men, women and children who believed that now famous line of “Make Germany Strong Again!” The sewers and basements of Berlin were packed with women and children trying to stay alive after the Soviet storm of vengeful men descended on that beaten down city… It took years for Berlin to get back on its feet. I wonder if “Make America Great Again” will result in us having to hide in sewers and basements? It’s just started. Resist at all costs. This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow Belongs To Them? Hopefully Not!

  1. This country is much more progressive than you would think watching the news. Polls show that the people by a wide margin want more liberal policies. However the more vocal elements get more coverage and seem much larger than they are. Plus all the gerrymandering and other things the GOP are involved in. Lastly because the hard right, the white supremacist, and scammers like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh scream have no rules and respect no boundaries. So those of us that want to fight what you correctly see have to be vocal, have to stand up and be willing to be seen to make our points. We must be willing to push back hard. Or you are correct, we will repeat a horrible part of history. Hugs

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