Day 2…

Waking up at 2:30am is always fun. I turned on NPR to see what moronic thing The Buffoon had done overnight. Thankfully nothing. I then took my antibiotics and proceeded to have a bad coughing jag. When I picked myself off the floor, I staggered to the bathroom mirror and said, “It was a good life.” Have you ever woken up to this feeling of impending doom knowing that The Orange Stalin will somehow get us into some major conflict.

If Toonce had been around, he would have meowed for me to go back to sleep. I hope he’s in Cat Elysian, a land of tuna, catnip and string. I really miss that cat, yes he was naughty but he was loyal. I’m heading to the bank, post office and Uber’s car check facility by way of this Starbucks I’m sitting at.  This too will pass

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