Uber Rooster…

It’s 2:32am and I’m wide awake, I guess I’m still on New Jersey time. Hopefully this jet lag will end soon but it really doesn’t matter because since I was born under the Chinese astrological sign of Rooster, I don’t mind waking up early. At the end of the day, I tend to put my wing over my head and crash out. 

I’m one step closer to driving for Uber. I went to Triple A and got the insurance rider added on and today I take my car to have it inspected. My idea is this, how much longer can I work for The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company? I had better have some income source ready to go should that finally end my career there. Who knows, being an Uber driver might have me finding new stories to talk about?

Sonoma during the summertime might be the perfect place to pick up people. There are visitors who visit the wineries, get the drink of the Gods in them and then need a lift. I don’t know, maybe I’m totally wrong. I guess we’ll see and it doesn’t pan out then oh well… This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Uber Rooster…

  1. Don’t you have a defined retirement plan? you have been there enough years. SO uber would be added income to your retirement. If you like to drive it sounds fun. You will need a great GPS system. Hugs


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