“It was a rainy night in Frisco, I needed one more fare to make my night…” Okay, so it wasn’t raining and I didn’t pick up anyone in San Francisco. I waited till I got back to Sonoma before I did pick up 11 groups of riders. I actually had fun and for the next few days will play the role of a taxi driver. No, I won’t be another Travis Bickel because I don’t have a crush on a young Jodie Foster (Lily) and I haven’t had a psychotic break brought on by taking unnamed pills and lastly, I’ve never fired a gun…

As most of you know, I don’t drink. I’ve never had the desire to do so but I can talk a good talk. All my riders were visitors looking for good wineries. Of course, I had to knock down Napa. The truth is, few in Sonoma like their counterparts over the hill. So when I was asked about wineries over there, I replied, “I buy my wine from Sonoma and my auto parts from Napa.” It got laughs each time I said it. When asked about a good winery, I just repeated what I was told by Rob…

Uber is a lot of sitting around waiting for your phone to bing a notification that someone wants a ride. Trust me you won’t get rich doing Uber but it is what it is. I picked up quite a few intoxicated riders yet everyone was pleasant. I did receive five bucks in tips and a few five star ratings. That and 6 dollars will get me on a bus to San Francisco. I’m not complaining and after a nights sleep, l will do it all again… This too will pass

4 thoughts on “Taxi…

  1. Ah I think you really like meeting the people, interacting with them. It is a win for you all way around. You get a little social interaction and some money also. Enjoy, you deserve to have some fun. Hugs

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