The Two Wine Snobs and Slobs…

Day two of driving for Uber was actually quite fun. I started in Sonoma and finally dropped off my final rider in Livermore 12 hours later after a journey to the three Bay Area airports. The first couple had spent four days at The Lodge at Sonoma at a rate of 650 a night. All the way down to SFO they told me about their wealth, vacations and their good life.

An hour and thirty minutes later, there we were at terminal one. I jumped out to get their bags and off they went back to Florida. I barely got back to the car and another person needed a ride ten steps away from where I had stopped. The man jumped in and quickly said, “Your last riders left a mess!” The back seat and floor of the car looked like a subway car in New York, garbage strewn all over. One of them bad been flossing and left their bloody floss all over the seats.

I rated them as ones, whether it means anything to them or not. These two senior citizens were complaining about the accommodations at that pricey hotel and they left the back of the car a mess. The rest of my passengers were awesome individuals. I could a book alone about the guy from Facebook who worked on virtual reality glasses, to the investment banker who looked like Micheal Douglas in the movie where he says, “Greed is good!” All nice people!

I forgot the research biologist who was researching about why old people die and the 24 year old young woman who had just finished med school and was about to be an resident intern. Then there was this pulsing mass of brain knowledge I picked up a Google who tired to tell me how algorithms work. Last but not least was a young female lawyer who I drove from the San Jose Airport to a sleezy looking motel that her assistant booked. I offered to drive her to another motel but she refused because she would lose her 406.00 first night deposit… This too will pass

2 thoughts on “The Two Wine Snobs and Slobs…

  1. Wow, it all sounds like material for a book on ‘human nature’, Juan. Keep it coming and you may have yourself a ‘winner’ in the book publishing business. Maybe the “The Sights, Sounds, Smells of an Uber Driver”. Not quite it, but you get the meaning, right? “White trash” comes in many colors and ages and sizes. But, then, there is a better side of human nature too.

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