The CEO, The 25 Year Old CEO and The Bitcoin Dude…

If I could have, I would have. That’s taken a photo of my passengers but the Uber App needs to always be on while I’m driving. Sure, I had the riders who wanted to go from point A to Point B but then I had some incredible people sit behind me. 

First up was this high powered older woman dressed to the nines I picked up in Mill Valley. A very nice person who proceeded to have some very intense phone calls with her CFO. Prior to her leaving I said, “You are one heck of a CEO!” She replied, “No I’m not. Our company is days away from folding. I used my Golden Parachute from my last job to keep this company going and I’m totally out of money. You drive for Uber and I might be doing the same soon.” We said our goodbyes and off she went.

Next up was Kelvin. He wanted a 10 block ride and when we arrived at his drop off point we shook hands and we wished each other well. Kelvin was a CEO of a company that makes solar phone charges at a reduced rate thru Amazon Prime. This young man was probably the most spiritually wake person I’ve met in a while. His company is worth millions yet he got in the car with an old black faded hoodie and black jeans. He wasn’t bragging when he said he made upper six figures last year… He let it be and if he lost everything, it wouldn’t phase him one bit… 

The third rider was a bearded millennial with a big satchel. He was heading to Bitcoin Headquarters on Bryant. On the way, he explained the idea of Bitcoin. Apparently you get one bitcoin for 2500 dollars and there are a limited number of bitcoins in circulation. It all sounded sketchy because if some happens to steal them from your account, it’s not money so the government can do nothing. Oh and there is no one to call because it’s all done from web interactions…

My other riders included a trapeze artist, part time software engineer who had just been fired and a man who had had a recent stroke and his adoring wife. I did have a couple of creeps who were heading to Thailand on an evening flight but wanted to find some weed at Seventh and Market before they took off. Yes, they were heading on a wild vacation of debouchery and drugs, two high school teachers from Austin Texas… It was a wild day to say the least. This too will pass

6 thoughts on “The CEO, The 25 Year Old CEO and The Bitcoin Dude…

  1. Whoa, interesting day!
    Bitcoin can be an investment…or you can use it to order stuff you don’t traceable to your bank account. There’s a lot of layers of security involved, so I think it’s fairly safe as long as you know what you’re doing.

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  2. Dark currency goes with a dark web. Horribly both exist to exploit the vulnerable and the naive. I also am sad we do not have higher quality people going into the teaching field. But that is what we get after years of decreasing the funds and increasing the workload of teaching staff. I think that is a huge tragedy. Hugs


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