Sonoma is empty at this time of day and the winery tasting rooms have closed their doors hours ago. There would be no use turning on the Uber app to look for riders now. People, right now, are in their hotel rooms looking at winery maps and making route plans for tomorrow. I’ve decided that I’m not going down into The City unless I get a fare heading to SFO, then I might change my mind…

Let’s see, yesterday, I met two nice shoe salesmen guys from Toronto, a young singing cancer survivor from Russia, a woman who was going to swim the race from Alcatraz to The City this morning and the top seeing eye dog breeder in the world. During these short five days, I’ve driven a CEO of a young million dollar company and a CEO who freely said she was near insolvency. 

Monday, I need to show up back at the garage and once again make some real money. I’m actually not looking forward to it, I’ve decided that I’m going to look for riders after I get off from my regular work or at least until Rob comes back from the loan he’s on now and we get back to the routine of driving in together. 

Uber won’t make you rich but what it does is opens your eye to the world. There are incredible people living their lives here in the Bay Area. I find it amazing that people are so willing to get in a stranger’s car and be driven to their destination. All I can say is this, “This too will pass”

2 thoughts on “10pm…

  1. We do live in a diverse country. People tend to forget that everyone is not like them and their neighbors or their co-workers. Few get outside their own niche zone unless it is for vacation. I often find those most vocal against one group or the other have little to no contact with that group and no little to nothing about them. I know people who lived in New England in a small town who repeatedly spoke badly of other parts of the country, but those same people had never been out of their home towns. They did not know anything they were talking about. Hugs

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