Bill Cosby… Hey Hey Hey

This human piece of waste thought he was above the law when he drugged and raped women… He abused nearly sixty women and of course all sixty of these women were lying, yeah right. Wait, isn’t this the guy who was supposed to be a clean cut fatherly kind of guy. He was a fake and he used his innocent schtick to get his victims to let down their guard…

At this point, the jury is still out but I hope he is convicted of drugging and raping this woman. Bill Cosby was a total fake and if he wasn’t a star, he for sure would be in a cell at San Quentin Prison… This too will pass

10 thoughts on “Bill Cosby… Hey Hey Hey

  1. If he had not been a star he wouldn’t have gotten away with it until he was old and the victim county was 60. Also I think there was some racism there. Sort of like Michael Jackson. He was protected by a community that needed a star, wanted him to be who they needed, and by the fact he was famous with money. Oh well. Hugs

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