Cannabis Convention 2017

After a miserable job in West Oakland I said to myself, “In just four hours you’ll be on Uber doing what you really enjoy doing.” I made my way to the closest Starbucks and crashed out on a mango iced tea and a cookie. Looking around I notice everyone had purple lanyards around their necks and clear plastic badges.

A man sat next to me and began to dictate an order for grow supplies: 150 bags of such and such, followed by high intensity grow lamps. He too had that purple lanyard. Evidently the biggest west coast marijuana convention is down the block. Soon you will be able to walk into a liquor store and buy a pack of Kush Lites or Bong 100’s.

Matt got out of jail the other day. He once again is living behind a dumpster in the Mission Valley area of San Diego. When I spoke to him last, he gave me some advice. He said, “You need to buy caps and give them to Chris, Josh and Tashi so they know where they come from.” I haven’t a clue what that meant but I told him he needed to get into a stable program. I got the usual excuses why he couldn’t…

Did I mention Oakland is hosting one of the biggest pot conventions? Yes, I’m sure they have everything for the pot buyer and seller. I wonder if they have anything for those who smoked too much? This too will pass

7 thoughts on “Cannabis Convention 2017

  1. Or for those who have to clean up the aftermath of wrecked lives and scrambled brains. I have three dead nephews who started on pot and went on from there. I know so many kids who have started on pot. My friend went from pot to speed to other things and died from heroin. so when people tell me it’s not a gateway drug or not dangerous I’d like to take them to a cemetery or lock up or cardboard box cities springing up, filled with potheads. DENIAL is a beautiful thing, as you walk over the bodies of those who live in it.

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  2. Pot is for oblivion, the modern lotus eater, who willing gives up life, toke by toke. I am against recreational use because real living is harder. Those who can contain pot’s seductive danger, using just a little each day, are rare. Just because a few people can manage to do that doesn’t mean it’s safe for everyone.


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