Jeff Sessions…

I guess when you’re part of The Rtump Mess, you think can say whatever you want and get away with it. There are no such things such as audio recording devices. Here’s another guy who thought he could do and say anything. The Commandor in Chimp probably told him to deny everything and blame it on everyone else. 

Lately, I’ve been busy and have neglected this blog. The world continues to spin and everyone seems to be just fine. I’ve talked to many riders and except for the wine snobs-slobs from Florida, everyone can’t believe The Buffoon hasn’t been impeached or resigned yet. Today’s hearing with Jeff Sessions might be straw that breaks the camel’s back… Wait! Camel sounds a bit too Middle Eastern, okay the straw that breaks the cow’s back. This too will pass

15 thoughts on “Jeff Sessions…

  1. LOL. You are right on both items. Sadly here in Florida we have a “yuge” fox news following. If fox news favors it then it is gospel, if fox did not cover it , it did not happen. IF there is a question of version like the popular vote and who had the most, fox news is always correct. Hugs

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