And Here We Are…

Jeff Sessions in his greatest Foghorn Leghorn impression said, “I say I say, I do not recall anything and all these questions fluster my feathers or was it makes me nervous?” Then the Commanor-in-Chimp tweets his usual rants about how great Jeff Sessions was to stand the withering questioning. Tell me, I’m not the only one to see there’s something wrong here. 

This morning a lone gunman went on a rampage targeting Republican Members of Congress at a baseball field. I wonder if those same Second Amendment people will call for outlawing guns to mentally ill people? I bet they say, “If more people were allowed to carry weapons then this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.”

Finally, Congressman Steve Scalise, who was one of the victims happens to be the third in line to be in charge of the House of Representatives. The Orange One tweeted he’s a “Real American.” I wonder what a unreal American is? I suppose if you think everyone should carry then that makes you an American…. Madness. This too will pass

3 thoughts on “And Here We Are…

  1. No they will try to ban guns from liberals and democrats. They have already called for the silencing of democrats and liberal news people. An Unreal American is a person who disagrees with or gods forbid insults the great and grand Donald. His orangeness is the determinator of everything American as he is making what was great mediocre. The only thing getting again treatment is his lying and cheating to get more money for himself. Hugs

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