I’m An Uber Driver For The County…

I walked into The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company yesterday morning and found out that I wasn’t scheduled to work. Now usually they would let me work but the work load had dried up due to the lack of rain. The moment the boss said, “I can’t let you work.” I thought of my newest passion, Uber.

I jumped in the car and turned on the app. Thirty seconds later, I was heading to my first rider. It was on Isabelle Street in West Oakland, a street known for gunshots heroin and prostitution. For a moment I thought, “Oh Oh! Maybe this wasn’t a good idea.” The moment I pulled up, a young woman sprang out of her house and jumped in the car. 

She was heading to work in San Francisco and as we slogged our way thru mind numbing traffic on the bridge, I learned a vast knowledge about Yosemite National Park. It seems she is a guide who takes tourists by bus to the park. We laughed and joked all the way to her destination and as they say, “A good time es had by all.” This too will pass

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