Words Are Powerful Things

I just saw how Michelle Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter this morning. Foolishly, the teenager texted her boyfriend that it was okay to commit suicide. She didn’t tell him to get out of the vehicle and save himself, never did she said, “Let me get you help!” No she kept texting him as he slowly died of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Young people like to communicate thru texting. If I told someone to kill themselves, I’d be doing hard time. Thankfully for her, she was a teenager when that happened thus she won’t do hard time. I know nothing of the case but I wonder what her motive was? A new love interest? 

I wonder if as part of her sentence, there’s a no text rule in her life. So she texted her boyfriend and I guess she never thought investigators would look at his phone. This is your typical naive teenager’s action. Well, she’ll always have the scarlet letter on her, M for murderer. This too will pass

13 thoughts on “Words Are Powerful Things

  1. Did you also hear about the Anna Stubblefield Facilitated communication case. She was accused of raping a guy who couldn’t communicate. She had sex with him after doing F.C. with him and claiming he wrote he really desired it. The problem is Facilitated communication has been shown a failure, science has debunked it. No a judge has granted a retrial in which they can use that as a defence , they were not allowed to in the first trial. I hope they show how much a failure the technique is. One way they proved this is to show the subjects different objects and then ask them to F,C. what was the object. Almost every time the object written was the one the Facilitator seen. Hugs

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  2. Just wondering if she didn’t believe he was actually doing what he said he was. Like, if msybe it was a game he played with her that got twisted. Who knows. I hope she gets help , so she can learn the value of human life and it’s not up to her to judge if it’s a real threat or not if someone says they’re taking their own life. She should have at least consider that it might be real,and gotten some help.


  3. There’s a TV show called “Speechless” and it is really good. some people use their eyes and it stimulates the texts while others have a speaking petspnread the letters they poke along at. I love Minnie Driver and the big black man who is his classroom aide. The man who plays his Dad was once on Third Rock from the Sun. He’s about 40 or so years old and acts like a hippie. Take care, Juan. 😊


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