Sir, Yes Sir…

Phillip got in the back seat across from Twitter Headquarters on Market Street. He cheerfully said, “Sir, Stanford University Palo Alto, Sir.” Off we went toward our final destination of a graduation ceremony. We spoke of his former employer, Tom’s Shoes and his new job at The Gap. He had quit his high level position and signed on for even a higher paying job at the clothing giant. 

Throughout our drive, his answers started with, “Yes sir or no sir!” After a while I asked him, “What branch of the service were you in?” He replied, “Sir, I never served but both my parents retired after thirty years in The Navy. They instilled in me their values sir!” I then asked him where he got his college degree. He replied, “Sir, I got a B.A in hockey at a small college in South Dakota, sir.” It was then I realized that by him starting and ending every sentence with sir, it helped him get those incredible jobs. 

He had just moved from Los Angeles to The City by The Bay and was still searching for an apartment. I asked him what was the price range he was looking at and he replied, “Sir, 4200 for a two bedroom apartment. Sir!” I advised him to look in Emeryville across the bay for cheaper rent and he replied, “Sir. my employer is covering my rent, sir!” I thought to myself, “Sir, I’m in the wrong business totally, sir!” This too will pass

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