It Was 105 in Petaluma

 Who believes in Climate Change? So it’s super hot here in June and it happens to be 97 degrees in Petaluma at 7pm. The weatherpeople love to happily tell us how we broke another all time temperature record. I wonder if they’ll cheerily tell their audience when the temps reach the 120’s in a few years?

I was hearing where Lake Ontario has risen three feet above its normal levels and water levels are also rising along coasts throughout the world… A couple of researchers in the artic happened upon a massive white blob floating in the water. As they approached it, well it turned turned out to be a bunch of dead polar bears. They had drown…

Meanwhile, we have a guy leading this country who believes climate change/global warming is a joke. He was telling a crowd of his supporters the other day how he couldn’t understand how in a airtight building like his, spraying an aerosol cans can cause ozone depletion. God have mercy on us. This too will pass

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