Their commercials claim “Be your own boss!” The problem with that is,  sometimes bosses need to work long hours and dip into their own pockets to make ends meet. Yesterday, I bought gas twice and still I had a very unproductive day. Other than one drive from Marin to SFO, the day was a bust. I drove back to The Firewood Temple with a feeling of total failure.

I could have worked more but I refuse to be some lazy person’s delivery boy; case in point, without looking well at my phone screen I accepted a delivery. Quickly, I canceled it claiming distance, “too far.” Someone had placed an order online at a McDonald’s for a quarter pounder, fries and a Coke. Imagine someone so lazy that they are willing to buy a 7 dollar meal and the willing to spend six dollars in having it delivered! 

If they paid better, I would retire and drive people around all day. I’ve had some incredible conversations. My last rider was Michiko, an 87 year old woman on her way to an electric guitar lesson. We bonded immediately. I used the few sentences of Japanese I knew and we laughed at life, adult children and Trump.  

At the end of our time together, she told me an incredible life story! She was too young to remember her father other than the day when he shipped out. She only remembered how her mother cried when he told her he would return home as soon as he could. It was only after her mother had died that she found the letter and I’m paraphrasing in English, “My Love, Know I love you. Everyday know it. They say we will soon be attacked and we will have to fight hard. Give my dear Michiko a kiss and hug!” The letter had been sent from Iwo Jima… This too will pass

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  1. What a moving story. Not the one about you sitting in the Firewood Temple or the MacDonald customer, but the one about the husband and father in Iwo Jima. War certainly does reduce the population, but war is the creation of people who have no life, the politicians who sit in their stuffed chairs and dream of their own glory (at the expense of others). And worse. Not sure that any corporation either is without blame for the demise of people, like MacDonald’s, for the corporations are run by fat cat corporate CEOs who, like the politicians, have only their interests in mind, not their employees or their customers. I wonder what is in the minds of the Tech CEOs to meet with the buffoon in the WH. It’s in their interest? Not their ‘best’ interests for sure. They give up their integrity for the sake of an alignment with insanity, and illusion of communing with power. I wonder what their customers think of them, if they do think about this at all. Surely this too will pass, but when?

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  2. History is so much better and means so much more when it is personal. You will never see a documentary or poster of Iwo Jima without remembering this lady and her personal view of what it meant to her family. I can see your gift of empathy is perfect for your time driving. I think how grand a healthcare provider you would be with that gift of yours. Be well. Hugs

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