A Moron…

This woman is the latest pick of The Orange Buffoon, I wonder if Mike Pence owned her something? She will now work at The Department of Human and Health Services as population affairs assistant secretary. I didn’t even know there was a department doing that but there she’ll be, making sure poor women don’t get birth control products because Jesus said it was wrong…

You know what Jesus said about contraceptive products, wait he didn’t say anything because it was only 2000 years after his death that they came to be. Don’t you find it interesting that the same evangelical troop so worried about abortion are the same morons who think it’s just fine to see people executed. 

Anyway, what do you want to bet that if Jesus did come back, he’d lose it on his followers. I think he’d rip up their most holy book and say, “I didn’t say this! These aren’t my words! Who said I said this!?” This too will pass

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