85 Centigrade…

I finally got tired of Staryucks and Peet’s so this is my new hangout when I’m sent to Berkeley. There’s never any parking near the University of Berkeley Campus, so I never come here in my personal car. Berkeley is a liberal city but so are the metermaids who handout tickets galore. I believe this place is an Asian owned bakery chain where the young low paid workers are required to yell out, ‘Fresh Bread’ whenever hot loafs are brought out to the display racks. 

The clientele are mostly young Asian girls and boys. Let me say, anyone under 30 is a boy or girl. If you can get a table you can watch the kids working on homework. No, you won’t get your standard banana nut loaf as at Peet’s; what you will get is a pork bun with shaved crispy pork skin and yes they do have iced coffee but made with coconut milk. Yuck… Back to work. This too will pass 

4 thoughts on “85 Centigrade…

  1. And, how, might I ask, did you get that photo?! Flying up to the celing and perched on some kind of whirling fan blade? Are you serious about making that your new hang out? Chinese bakery! UGH
    When, in fact, there is a fantastic Italian bakery with treat that make you drool, run by Italians, just very near?! PIQ on Shuttuck! Simply divine! and the coffee is excellent.

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